Client meeting at EMS firm GPV discussing design and product development within electrical engineering, PCB and mechatronics

Design & Engineering

To help our customer accomplish more, we provide design and engineering services for hardware and software with superior skills in handling the combination of mechanics, cables and electronics.

Process Flow Design

It is redundant to ask if growth is on your company’s agenda.

However, is your organisation geared to handle unforeseen increases in customer demands?

In today’s world, it is critical for businesses to have the ability to react to changing demands. This is why GPV specialises in scalability, which ensures a dynamic, customised and adaptable process flow.

An intelligent and proven process design is our customers’ guarantee for quality and scalable production. We help create process flow designs by combining a number of standardised processes together with our lean professionals with wide-ranging experience in production line building.

This allows us to deliver two things: Uncompromising quality in all processes and scalable process flows that allow our customers to think ahead and act on demand.

Electronics in production at GPV, a big EMS company, after being developed and designed in cooperation with OEM customers
Engineering and design at Danish EMS company GPV International

Value Engineering in EMS

Realising a new or existing product is a potentially very profitable opportunity to re-evaluate and examine the function and costs of the product.

We call this value engineering.

Value engineering increases knowledge and understanding of production engineering and market components – and the effect of this on your products.

To effectively optimise your products, ask yourself: What are the alternate ways of meeting requirements? What else can perform the desired function? And what is the cost?

GPV helps answer these questions. Our engineering staff have years of experience and market know-how, which will efficiently improve the value of your product by examining its function potential.


Our design services helps you to design the best product for manufacturing


GPV is consulting from the earliest stages of a product and performing a product’s risk assessment to future proof your product.

To ensure this, our focus during the conception includes services such as system design, feasibility study and target approvals to the market.

For the later stages of production, we develop for best possible manufacturability, so pre-series and mass-production can run more smoothly.

With our continuous focus on processes developed to meet the demand of our customers, we have expertise in various application developments. In other words, we help you to design your product with costs, logistics, manufacturing and test in focus, for you to be as competitive as possible on the market.

  • Project Management
  • DFC - Design for Cost
  • DFL - Design for Logistics
  • DFM - Design for Manufacturing
  • DFS - Design for Security
  • DFT - Design for Test
  • Functional Samples & Prototypes
  • Lifespan & Environmental Tests etc.
  • Hardware Development (incl. layout)
  • OCM set-up
  • Software Development
  • Construction
  • Design (housing, packaging)
  • Development Verification
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