World map of where the global EMS company GPV is located


The GPV Group is located all around the world, to be close to your market. This means that you as a customer will get the benefits of local support and highly specialised solutions, combined with best-cost manufacturing. GPV has production facilities in nine different countries, in the three major time zones. Here you can read more about each GPV site:

Business House Vejle, Denmark, head office of the global EMS supplier GPV

Head Office

The GPV Head Office in Vejle, Denmark, is home to large parts of the Shared Functions in GPV, as well as base for the Top Management.

Functions at the site:

  • Top Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT & Digitalisation
  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Legal

GPV International A/S             
Lysholt Allé 11                          Tel: +45 7219 1919
DK-7100 Vejle                          Fax: +45 7219 1920  
Denmark                                  Email:

GPV Sites Asia


State of the art electronic manufacturing at GPV's factory in Bangkok, Thailand serving OEM customers with great EMS solutions

GPV Electronics TH

In the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, GPV has its biggest electronics factory. GPV has vast experience in Thailand, with production in the country since 1999. This gives GPV the ability to offer customers EMS in low-to-medium volume in a cost efficient environment, while not compromising the quality. Furthermore, the plant is set to expand to double the current size in 2023.

  • 15,000 m² production --> 22,000 m² (2023)
  • 1,000 employees
  • SMT & THT Assembly
  • Medium Volume EMS

GPV Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
834 Moo4, Bangpoo industrial Estate Soi 11, 12   Tel: +66 2709 2550
Sukhumvit Road, Praksa, Muang Dis.                   Fax: +66 2709 2561       
Samutprakarn 10280, Thailand                             Email:

GPV Mechanics TH

Next to the electronics facility is GPV's mechanics factory in Bangkok, Thailand. The plant is utilising many years of experience to offer customers unique specialized mechatronic solutions and box-build. In 2023, the factory will move into brand new facilities in close proximity to the current site.

  • 7,100 m² production --> 12,000 m² (2023)
  • 300 employees
  • In-House Mechanics at Scale
  • Box-Build

GPV Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
834 Moo4, Bangpoo industrial Estate Soi 11, 12   Tel: +66 2709 2550
Sukhumvit Road, Praksa, Muang Dis.                   Fax: +66 2709 2561       
Samutprakarn 10280, Thailand                             Email:

GPV location in Bangkok, Thailand, producing mechatronics as part of the company's EMS offerings

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, GPV has a large electronics manufacturing plant, giving low cost EMS production to OEMs around the world

GPV Electronics LK

GPV's electronics factory in Kochchikade, Sri Lanka, offers independent EMS-services to customers worldwide. The plant has multiple competencies, including:

  • 6,200 m² production --> 11,300 m² (2023)
  • 1,000 Employees
  • SMD/THT Assemblies, Inductive Components, Cable Assemblies & Box-Build
  • Test-Engineering with Construction of Test Adapters
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Storerooms (humidity controlled)
  • RoHS Compatible Infrastructure

GPV Lanka (Private), Ltd.
Baseline Road                                                    Tel: +94 31 487 15 00
Daluwakotuwa                                                    Fax: +94 31 487 09 33
11540 Kochchikade, Sri Lanka                           Email:


GPV has a strategic procurement hub Zhongshan China

Sourcing CN

To benefit from the largest component market worldwide, we have located our Procurement hub in the centre of the pearl river delta in China. From there, as part of our Group Sourcing department, they are supporting our group in sourcing, supplier audits and component engineering.

  • Administration
  • 20 Employees

GPV Zhongshan Co., Ltd.
Dongya Business Technology Park                    Tel: +86 760 2375 2700
Dongheng Road, Nanlang                                  Fax: +86 760 2375 2750
528451 Zhongshan, Guangdong, China            Email:

Hong Kong

At the Hollywood Centre, in Hong Kong, GPV has a sourcing office, ensuring the best components in EMS for our customers

Sourcing HK

GPV's sourcing office at the Hollywood Centre in Hong Kong, gives GPV close proximity to potential suppliers. It allows for targeted selection of the most attractive of these from a wide field, and enables us to audit them locally and develop them consistently according to our requirements. This is an important advantage and something that would only be achievable with great difficulty over a long distance.

  • Centre of Commerce for International Business with China
  • Customer Care and Sourcing of Components from Asia

GPV Asia (Hong Kong), Ltd.
Unit C-F, 11/Floor, Hollywood Centre             Tel: +852 2851 9914
77-91 Queen's Road West                             Fax: +852 2851 9934
Hong Kong                                                     Email:

GPV Sites Europe


GPV electronics factory in Aars, Denmark, making everything EMS from SMD with PCBA, through testing, and box-build

GPV Electronics DK

Located in the city of Aars, in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark, is GPV's electronics manufacturing plant, focused on specialised production of electronics for the cleantech and aviation industries. 

  • 6,000 m² production & administration
  • 130 employees
  • SMT & THT Assembly
  • Box-Build
  • Extensive Testing Solutions

GPV International A/S - Electronics
Lyngsoevej 8                                                  Tel: +45 7219 1400
DK-9600 Aars                                                Email:

GPV Mechanics DK

At the mechanics factory in Tarm, Denmark, GPV gives OEM customers the unique opportunity of getting an EMS partner with the in-house capacity of making highly customisable mechatronic solutions for them. These capabilities have been present at GPV since the founding of the company. 

  • 13,000 m² production
  • 70 employees
  • In-House Mechanics
  • Unique Box-Build Competencies

GPV International A/S - Mechanics
Haandvaerkervej 3-5                                     Tel: +45 7219 1919                    
DK-6880 Tarm                                               Fax: +45 7219 1920
Denmark                                                       Email:

GPV mechanics factory in Tarm, Denmark, supporting the Danish EMS company's specialized offerings within this area


The high-tech GPV electronics manufacturing facility in Mendrisio, Switzerland, serves OEM customers with state of the art EMS services

GPV Electronics CH

GPV’s high-tech electronics manufacturing site in Switzerland (Mendrisio) is specialised in speed prototyping and series production. Moreover, the plant commands further EMS competencies, including test and after sales services.

  • 9,100 m² production
  • 300 employees
  • Speed Prototyping
  • Series Production
  • Assembly, Final-Assembly & Tests
  • Maintenance, Warranty & Re-engineering

GPV Switzerland SA
Via Pra Mag 6                                               Tel: +41 91 640 84 84
6850 Mendrisio                                             Fax: +41 91 640 84 85
Switzerland                                                   Email:

Design & Engineering CH

In Lachen, Switzerland, GPV has office facilities that carries out central administration and management of the DACH locations in GPV. Moreover, the site supports customers with technical sales, strategic purchasing, NPI, as well as innovative test and application development.

  • 25 employees
  • Test & Application Development
  • Process Orientated Customer Teams
  • Technical Sales & Strategic Purchasing
  • IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC7711-21, WHMA/IPC-A-620

GPV Switzerland SA
Alpenblickstrasse 26, P.O. Box 14              Tel: +41 55 451 79 20
8853 Lachen                                               Fax: +41 55 451 79 21   
Switzerland                                                 Email:

Central administration of GPV DACH, an global EMS provider with production in nine countries
The sales and development office in Lyss, Switzerland, serves GPV's local customers with development and design EMS

Sales CH

The technical sales office in Lyss, Switzerland, takes care of technical sales, NPI, as well as test- and application development for local customers.

  • 10 employees
  • Process Orientated Customer Teams
  • Technical Sales 
  • Application & Test Development

GPV Switzerland SA
Schachenweg 24                                          Tel: +41 32 387 91 11
3250 Lyss                                                     Fax: +41 32 385 14 34
Switzerland                                                  Email:


In Hildesheim, Germany, GPV has an electronics manufacturing plant focusing on delivering EMS to the automotive industry.

GPV Electronics DE

The GPV electronics manufacturing facility in Hildesheim, Germany, is focused on sophisticated serial production of assemblies. The site serves OEMs within the industrial electronics and automotive industry.

  • 5,000 m² production & administration
  • 110 employees
  • Qualified & Approved Automotive Supplier
  • Production of Complex Modules & Appliances
  • Development & Project Management: Extensive range of additional services (conception of test stations, layouting, EMC-measurements, X-ray etc.)

GPV Germany GmbH
Daimlerring 33/35                                          Tel: +49 5121 750 99 0
31135 Hildesheim                                         Fax: +49 5121 750 99 55
Germany                                                      Email:

Sales DE (A)

The technical sales office in Aichach, Germany, focuses on Field-Engineering and Technical Sales on the DACH market.

  • Field-Engineering
  • Technical Sales

GPV Germany GmbH
Oberbernbacher Weg 1d                                Tel: +49 8251 890 505 0
86551 Aichach                                                Fax: +49 5121 750 99 3977
Germany                                                         Email:

The GPV sales office in Aichach, Germany, serves local OEM customers to EMS solutions, manufactured worldwide at GPVs facilities
GPVs Sales office in Sexau, Germany, helps local OEMs get tailor made EMS solutions from GPV

Sales DE (S)

The technical sales office in Sexau, Germany, focuses on NPI and Technical Sales on the DACH market.

  • NPI
  • Technical Sales

GPV Germany GmbH
Blauenstrasse 2                                            Tel: +49 7641 933 59 80
79350 Sexau                                                 Fax: +49 7641 933 59 88
Germany                                                       Email:


Electronics manufacturing at GPVs facility in Frankenmarkt, Austria, delivering EMS in high quality

GPV Cables AT (F)

The cable assemblies plant in Frankenmarkt, Austria, provides an optimal mix of technical expertise, flexibility and high quality production. This is used in complex assemblies and mechatronic solutions for customers of various industries.

  • 7,050 m² production & administration
  • 110 employees
  • Sales & NPI
  • Box-Build & System Integration
  • Cable Assemblies

GPV Austria GmbH
Untermühlberg 1                                           Tel: +43 7684 88 04-0
4890 Frankenmarkt                                       Fax: +43 7684 88 04-116
Austria                                                           Email:

GPV Cables AT (R)

In Rottenmann, Austria, GPV has a facility focused on complex cable assemblies, box-build and system integration. The site is strategically placed close to customers, to provide the best possible service. 

  • 3,180 m² production
  • 90 employees
  • Complex Cable Assemblies
  • Box-Build
  • Final Assemblies

GPV Austria Cable GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 50/1                                  Tel: +43 3614 31 04-0
8786 Rottenmann                                      Fax: +43 3614 31 04-526
Austria                                                       Email:

The GPV cable assembly facility in Rottenmann, Austria, is specialized in high complexity cable assembly in EMS


Cable assemblies being made in GPVs factory in Hlohovec, Slovakia, which makes GPV the one-stop-shop for EMS

GPV Cables SK

At the cable assemblies part of the Hlohovec plant in Slovakia, GPV offers an automated production of cable assemblies in large series, to be a competent one-stop shop for customers in EMS.

  • 5,000 m² production
  • 300 employees
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Box-Build
  • Final Assemblies

GPV Austria Cable GmbH
Priemyselna 1187/1A                                Tel: +421 33 7353 799
92003 Hlohovec-Sulekovo                        Fax: +421 33 7357 30
Slovakia                                                    Email:

GPV Electronics SK

The Hlohovec electronics manufacturing location in Slovakia, benefits from exceptional logistical conditions, with a direct motorway junction and short distances to the airports of Bratislava and Vienna. Whether the demand is for PCBs, cable assemblies or equipment construction, the location in Slovakia is perfectly positioned to support our customers.

  • 2,940 m² production & administration
  • 180 employees
  • ODM (Original Device Manufacturing)
  • Typical EMS-Services: PCB Assemblies in SMD & THT

GPV Slovakia s.r.o.
Priemyselna 1214                                     Tel: +421 33 3214 000
92003 Hlohovec-Sulekovo                        Fax: +421 33 3214 009 
Slovakia                                                    Email:

In Hlohovec, Slovakia, is GPVs modern electronics manufacturing plant, serving OEMs all over Europe with EMS

GPV Sites Americas


Newly build electronics factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, build and used by GPV, an Danish EMS company

GPV Electronics MX

In 2016, GPV set up the electronics manufacturing plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, and thereby established a base for serving the American market. Since the beginning, the factory has grown into a one-stop-shop for EMS with three SMT lines.

  • 4,800 m² production & administration
  • 180 employees
  • Extensive NPI Capabilities
  • Serial Production & Assembly

GPV Americas (Mexico) S.A.P.I
Carretera al C.U.C.B.A, numero 175, Interior 27    
Fraccionamiento Pinar Industrial lll                      Tel: + 52 1 33 23 39 13 60
La Venta del Astillero,                                          Email:   
45221 Zapopan, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico