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The list of EMS services at GPV is long and will be provided at one of our many locations, here its the location in Thailand

GPV Storyline

GPV has more than 50 years of experience in Electronics Manufacturing Services. Learn more about your global EMS-partner.

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GPV service excellence in progress by one of the many dedicated employees at Danish EMS company GPV

Service Excellence

In all that we do we focus on the value creation for our customers and this is our daily spirit in the entire GPV organisation.

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A map of GPV's global presence in the EMS industry


GPV has production sites in nine countries. With our presence in the three major time-zones, we are always close to your market.

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Danish EMS company GPV are always ready to answer your request

Contact GPV

Our staff is always ready to answer your questions. Click here to find your specific contact person within the GPV organisation.

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Electronics, Mechanics, Cable-Harness & Box-Build

GPV is your global EMS-partner specialised within high-mix/low-medium volume EMS with more than 50 years of experience and industry insights. We help you realize your accomplishments and competitive position through superior technological know-how. Our more than 4,000 employees deliver electronics manufacturing, in-house mechanics, cable-harness and box-build, from our production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Additional EMS Services

Design & Engineering at Danish EMS company GPV gives customers lots of benefits

Design & Engineering

In cooperation with your R&D we develop your product solution with superior skills in Electronics, cable-harness-assembly and mechanics.

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Test development at GPV, the Danish EMS Company

Test Design

Whether the test methods are visual or electrical, we provide different test options, which contribute to a great result and the desired quality.

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NPI & Prototyping skills at the global EMS company GPV

NPI & Prototyping

A flexible, fast prototype and NPI procedure are key areas in the customers' time schedule when launching a new product.

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Logistics and Shipment Services within EMS from Danish firm GPV


GPV offers a high flexibility without jeopardising inventory turnover and cash-flow with a guaranteed high delivery performance.

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Cleantech is one of the fastest growing market segments today. GPV manufactures products within energy savings- and management.

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Instruments & Industry

Technical skills. Precise execution. High degree of flexibility. All are important requirements of product Design & Engineering, NPI & Prototyping, Manufacturing & Lifecycle Management within the instruments & industry segment.

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Within Medtech manufacturing full traceability and risk management counts as crucial factors. GPV’s sites in Austria, Denmark, Mexico, Slovakia, Switzerland & Thailand are ISO 13485 certified, and we work with the strictest possible process control.

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Harsh environment conditions as experienced in railway, special vehicles, cranes, marine & avionics requires sophisticated know-how in design for robustness and other design for excellence criteria.

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