Example of an electrical engineered prototype made at GPV, the biggest Danish EMS, made through NPI work with customers

Supporting Services

Within Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), there is a large range of supporting activities. These are well established in the GPV service offering across our facilities worldwide. On this page, you can read more about them:


NPI & Prototyping

NPI and prototyping is your guarantee for a time-efficient and quality-focused process in the entire manufacturing and supply chain and it sets the standard for future serial production.

In the industrialisation phase, GPV is able to optimise your product for mass production. For this, all production-relevant data is specified and production technology optimisations are examined.

We support you in the transferal of your developments into series production:

  • Test development & production equipment
  • Tooling construction & programming (product specific items)
  • Data compilation
  • Operation planning (visual-aid)
  • Configuration management
  • Packaging
  • Procurement / logistic concepts
  • Labelling
  • Sample review
  • Reduced DFX (in case of 3rd party development)

Speed Prototyping

A prototype offers you a wealth of advantages, and near-series tests with the required testing depth enable the physical realisation of your latest business idea or your next development.


Take advantage of our services 


  • Important feedback for pre-series and series productions
  • European prototype centres
  • Realisation within five working days, thanks to line flexibility & high material availability
  • As of batch size 1
  • Webshop "myGPV" with illustration of order status

Typical Services Comprehend

  • Redesigns and DFX (incl. Obsolescence Management)
  • Test Development
  • Production SMT/THT
  • Assembly
  • Manual Tests
  • Packaging
NPI and prototyping in EMS in progress from GPV, your global EMS partner


Test Design

Competences in Test Development – Testing Conception – Development and Setup

Electronics, cable-harness-assemblies and mechanics have become increasingly complex.

This is countered in the manufacturing process of items at GPV, where test strategy and development have become highly advanced and important phases.

Through this development, we have geared our set-up to handle the challenges of higher testing demands.


Development of a testing concept via quality and reliability determinative procedures:

  • Circuitry analysis
  • Definition of the profundity of the tests
  • Development of a testing concept
  • Construction and configuration of testing systems, incl. software
  • Realisation of customised tests

Test setup at Danish EMS company GPV

Testing Options

Whether the test methods are visual, electrical or conducted employing other methods, we provide different test options which, individually or combined, contribute to an optimum result and the desired quality. Some of them are:


  • 3D Solder paste inspection system
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Optical Inspection pursuant to IPC-A 610
  • X-ray


Cable Assemblies (Contacts)

  • Pull-off force test
  • Electrical test for cables
  • Push-back test
  • Microsection analysis
  • Checking of crimp and solder connections


  • Boundary Scan («B-SCAN»)
  • Flying Prober (FP)
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • MDA-Test
  • Function Test (FT)
  • High Voltage Test
  • Standard-compliant test on electrical devices or systems
  • Insulation Measurement
  • Insulation Test
  • Stress Test


  • Leak test for housings
  • Final tests

The Right Test Strategy

An optimum test strategy is extremely worthwhile as, if the test method has been defined in the concept phase and all test points are already implemented in the first PCB layout, decisive advantages can be gained from this:

Testing of manufactured PCB at GPV, the largest EMS company in Denmark
  • An optimum cost/benefit ratio
  • Test methods which best suit requirements
  • High degree of test coverage
  • High yield and lowest field failure risk
  • Short test runs
  • Low test costs
  • Highest quality and minimum reworking
  • Option for statistical measurement analysis


For GPV, logistics are much more than moving goods from A to B.

We use the most effective logistics principles to support our customers’ business, be it Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban, drop shipments or consolidated shipments. Our services include customs handling and outbound logistics with both direct and indirect distribution to the end customer. 

Regardless of your service demands, we will counsel you and provide the right logistics system that is optimised within the entire supply chain and production. No detail is without our expertise, thus your labelling, manuals and packing are ensured at GPV. You should always expect a high flexibility without jeopardising inventory turnover and cash-flow with a guaranteed high delivery performance.

Our logistics offering is made possible through strong partnerships with our supplier base and through a flexible production set-up, which provides the necessary dynamics in the entire supply chain.

After Sales Services

Is obsolescence management a pro-active part of your product life cycle strategy?

Today, many companies operate with very long product life cycles and long service obligations. Our obsolescence management system gathers information about planned end-of-production-date for components and offers a standardised process for the necessary actions needed. This gives us and you all the insights required to minimise impact and costs of obsolescence.

For each project, we agree on the required actions together with our customers, e.g. concerning re-design, last time buy or introduction of an alternative component. Our experienced staff and our system ensure that we have the necessary information as early as possible and a tactical plan for the appropriate reaction.

After Sales Services

  • Service-Agreements
  • Software-Updates
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Calibration
  • Product Services
  • Long Time Stock Keeping
  • Post Production

End-of-Life Services

  • Waste Management
  • Management of Certification (discontinuation)
  • Data-Storage / Handover of Data & Parameters