Example of an electrical engineered prototype made at GPV, the biggest Danish EMS, made through NPI work with customers

NPI & Prototyping

A flexible, fast prototype and NPI procedure are key areas in the customers' time schedule when launching a new product.

NPI and prototyping guarentees a time-efficient and quality-focused process in the entire supply chain and it sets the standard for future serial production. We have developed a best-in-class system to handle your prototype and NPI process based on practical know-how from the EMS-industry.

On request, the NPI departments at GPV offer specification of all production relevant data, examination of production technology optimisations and definitions of the test concept. We support customers through the development stage and into mass-production with all our capabilities from test development to data compilation, tooling construction and programming. We are available during all steps on the way when customers are introducing new products.

All of this translates to an optimised, quality-driven process – to help our customers' business stay competitive, grow and to effectively realise its products.


Speed Prototyping

A prototype offers a wealth of advantages, and near-series tests with the required testing depth enable the physical realisation of the latest business idea or next development.

Take advantage of our services. We can generate layouts and create a functional model within a few working days at our European locations.

Customer Advantages

  • Important feedback for pre-series and series productions
  • European prototype centres
  • Realisation within a few working days, thanks to line flexibility & high material availability
  • As of batch size 1
  • Webshop with illustration of order status (availble on selected locations)

  • Test Development & Production Equipment
  • Tooling Construction & Programming (product specific items)
  • Data Compilation
  • Operation Planning (visual-aid)
  • Configuration Management
  • Packaging
  • Procurement / Logistic Concepts
  • Labelling
  • Sample Review
  • Reduced DFX (in case of 3rd party development)
Jørgen Holm

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