Example of Danish EMS Supplier GPV's box build capabilities within the EMS industry

Box Build

Full EMS production capabilities from idea to finished product in retail packaging

Because of GPV’s expertise from 50+ years in the EMS industry, as well as complimenting mechatronic capabilities, GPV is fully capable of handling your entire manufacturing process.

We can assist in the design and development stage, where our skilled professionals can help tailor a solution that fits your needs. From that point, GPV takes care of the rest, from sourcing components, electronics manufacturing, assembling, before finishing with packaging and labelling.

This entire process is known as box build. Here at GPV, we consider this service our main core. When getting a box build solution from GPV, you free up time and production space to focus on new product development, which will ensure your business’ long-term success.

Hans Christian Løgsted

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