After sales services in progress in the EMS industry that include service and repair of electronic products manufactured by GPV

Obsolescence Management

Is obsolescence management a pro-active part of your product life cycle strategy?

Today, many companies operate with very long product life cycles and long service obligations. Our obsolescence management system gathers information about planned end-of-production-date for components and offers a standardised process for the necessary actions needed. This gives us and you all the insights required to minimise impact and costs of obsolescence.

For each project, we agree on the required actions together with our customers, e.g. concerning re-design, last time buy or introduction of an alternative component. Our experienced staff and our system ensure that we have the necessary information as early as possible and a tactical plan for the appropriate reaction.

After Sales Services

  • Service-Agreements
  • Software-Update
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Calibration
  • Product Services
  • Long Time Stock Keeping
  • Post Production

End-of-Life Services

  • Waste Management
  • Management of Certification (discontinuation)
  • Data-Storage / Handover of Data & Parameters