Our marine industry legacy is our brand of today

The marine industry has changed fundamentally over the years and so has GPV. Building on years of experience, GPV is now a certified EMS partner in a truly global industry. It all started more than 40 years ago.

If you visit GPV Electronics’ production facilities in Denmark, you might be lucky to spot a very special product – a products that sum up some four decades of Danish marine history.

Since 1967 this item – type and specifications are still the same - has been manufactured in Aars and remain in production even today.

Back then, the factory was owned by Søren T. Lyngsø A/S, an electronics supplier to the Danish marine industry. Nowadays the owner is GPV and the customers come from all over the world, but these particular products help GPV remember how it all started.

”The acquisition of Lyngsø Manufacturing gave us the platform to build up knowledge about producing electronics to the marine industry,” is how GPV’s Head of Sales Jørgen Holm puts it.


One of the SMD lines at GPV Electronics Denmark today


Manufacturing at the address Lyngsøvej 8, Aars Denmark - from electronic assembly for the marine industry in the late 1960s to high-tech radar manufacturing today.

Aquintessential competency


Already by the mid-1990s, the marine industry had begun to adapt to the globalisation by transferring most manufacturing activities to the Far East. In the intervening years GPV has therefore added an additional layer to our marine core competencies:

A global logistical setup, which ensures just-in-time delivery of any electronic component at any place on the globe – a quintessential competency in the industry today.

This is what separates us from others

Those 45 years of experience similarly add another to GPV’s competencies as an EMS partner to the marine industry.


The company has been approved concerning all current standards and regulations according to the IMO (International Marine Organization) – among others the Type-D standard which by no means is an easily achievable blueprint.


”This is what separates us from many other EMS suppliers,” Jørgen Holm states.