GPV continues to execute the growth plan

GPV is taking the next step in executing the growth plan by investing in ultramodern production technology at its Danish electronics factory in Aars. The aim is to be able to address the future increased requirements for high quality and flexibility.

As the latest step in executing its growth plan, GPV has invested in a new complete SMT line for the electronics factory in Aars. The SMT line will be completely unique and the only one in Denmark i.a. with in-line 3D AOI.

This new investment will supplement the 2014-investment so that today, the factory will have available two new mutually compatible SMT lines that will ensure that GPV is able to meet both present and future quality demands. At the same time GPV is making sure that the transfer between GPV’s factories can take place smoothly and according to known standards.

The investment will also mean that with rapid changeovers and shorter lead times, GPV will have the necessary capacity to execute the growth strategy and meet customer requirements for quality, flexibility and speed.



CEO Bo Lybæk states that “with the new SMT line to Aars, GPV has taken yet another important step to ensure Danish electronics competence and SMT capacity at top level.

Bo Lybæk continues to say, ”This investment is the latest element in a range of investments that will support our growth strategy. This step flows naturally from in 2014 putting into operation our new factory in Bangkok, Thailand, and our announcement previously this year that we will open our own production in Mexico. We expect to open the new factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, so that the first deliveries will take place in Q1 2017.”

Furthermore, Bo Lybæk emphasizes the significance of continually investing in and renewing the production equipment to retain competitive production, i.a. in Denmark.

However, machines alone are not enough and therefore, in autumn 2016, GPV will launch a quite new GPV Talent Factory for specialists and managers.

GPV has an ambitious growth plan to reach sales at DKK 1.5bn in 2020, and Bo Lybæk states, “Our growth plan builds on profitable growth as a healthy combination of wanting to achieve more with our customers and at the same time working determinedly with our M&A strategy”.