GPV focuses on automation both in Electronics and in Mechanics

During the last period we have invested with a sharp focus on robotics and automation - a focus expected to be maintained during the coming period to ensure even better reproducibility and product quality, i.e. very high first-time yield as well as efficiency.

Both within Electronics and Mechanics in Denmark and in Thailand – where GPV has its factories – we have been focusing on installing new industrial robots in the production.

Not only should the new robots increase the productivity and competitiveness of existing items, but should as well increase the possibility of producing new types of products at competitive conditions and with a sharp delivery time.



CNC department at GPV in Tarm gets an “extra hand"


The CNC department in Tarm now has an “extra hand” in the CNC machining department, which today houses ten CNC machining centres.

The new Kawasaki industrial robot will complement the employees who currently operate the machines by ensuring the flow of the production process, thereby increasing capacity and flexibility.


With the new industrial robot system we can automatically run production 24 hours a day when the material to supply the machine has been prepared.

“The new investment has been made with the aim of increasing the capacity of the department”, says Henrik Nielsen, Head of CNC machining in Tarm.

“With the new investment, we can produce larger batches more efficiently”, Henrik Nielsen continues. “Our aim is increased efficiency and yield.”

Over the past two years several automation solutions have been implemented at GPV Tarm, including a fully automatic Trumph punching facility (with a sheet rack storage) that can also handle production around the clock.



New coating robots in GPV Electronics facilities in Bangkok and Aars


At GPV Electronics Bangkok two selective coating robots are now under implementation in the production.

A similar robot is planned to be installed at GPV’s Electronics facility in Aars during the first half of 2016.

This investment has been made for streamlining the coating process ensuring high yield, but also in order to increase the capacity in relation to a comprehensive order from a new customer. At the same time, a Universal Robot is being installed at GPV’s Electronics facility in Bangkok.

These industrial robots are mainly for testing purposes and the set-up can perform the testing cycles automatically 24-7 if required and besides providing higher first-time yield it will also give higher flexibility.

“At GPV’s facility in Bangkok the plan is to implement three to five robots per year”, says Tommy Kristiansen, Operation Manager, Electronics Bangkok