GPV Asia's annual charity project

GPV Asia employees (CS Department) have this year carried out their annual charity project for the third time, where 30 people attended and lots of others contributed, donating for this course, including GPV. It is a common tradition for Thai people to reach out to people in need and to contribute to their surroundings. The first destination was the Boonchoo Home, which is a home for children and youths with autism and mental disabilities.Employees at EMS company GPV Asia during annual charity project

Despite the heavy rain, the day started with a tremendous enthusiasm in a joyful atmosphere, carrying all the donations into shelter, with help from the children and youth at the Boonchoo Home. At the shelter we were met with a warm welcome, where different kind of food and beverage was offered to us. During the day, we had activities and played games and some of the children and youth had even prepared a dance for us. At the end of our visit donations were handed over before saying farewell to the happy kids at the Boonchoo Home.


Planting coral reefs


The second destination of the charity trip, was the Toey Ngam Beach, visiting the Royal Thai Marine Corps’ operations in planting Coral Reefs in the area. Here it was planned to prepare and plant our donated plants at the reef, however due to the continuous rain, it was not possible for us to plant them ourselves, but handed it over for the officials to do so, once the rain stopped.

Sea Turtle Conservation Center


The final destination of the charity trip, was at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center. At the center we met with officials, who gave us a presentation of the environment and conditions which these sea turtles are living in. We were also told about the centers actions to preserve and save the different kind of species in Thailand. As a part of the presentation, we got a tour at their facility center, where we were given the opportunity to release a sea turtle into the ocean.

Sea turtle rescued and set free in EMS company GPV's annual charity project