Customised test environments provide security and durability

At GPV’s electronics factory in Bangkok, customised test environments provide very good security for GPV’s customers. Here, even the roughest user situations are being considered.


When a product leaves GPV’s production line, this product is often a piece of advanced and sensitive electronics that subsequently is a part of or has to be integrated in complex systems.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to most of GPV’s customers that the product is tested in specially developed test environments that will strictly simulate the user situation of the product.


– It provides our customers with extra security that we can make highly specialized tests on their products. It does requires extra resources and time to customize a test environment, but it is crucial for many of our customers that the products are tested for all imaginable scenarios so that they can trust the functionality 100 per cent, before they start using the product, says Technology Manager at GPV in Bangkok Thana Sithanant.



Test environments comply with international standards


When testing products in the test facilities in Bangkok GPV always take into account any ISO standards that may be relevant for the particular product. This ensures GPV’s customers that the tests are fully living up to international standards.


Adapting environments


Thana Sithanant and the other employees within GPV can test products using the fixed burn-in rooms or the temperature chambers where both humidity and temperature can be adjusted according to demands.

This offers potential for adapting the environments precisely to the products that are to be tested for GPV’s customers.

Tested in rough conditions


The user situation in the real world will vary enormously for the many different products that are tested in the test environments. Therefore it is also necessary that GPV can specify and specialize the test environments on many different parameters.

– In our test environments we can simulate such factors as wide temperature differences or various types of air humidity. For instance a wind turbine nacelle and the electronics inside is exposed to a wide temperature range depending on the time of the year and its location.

In the same way, it is decisive for other of our customers that their highly sensitive electronics can function in environments with high air humidity etc.”, says Tommy Kristiansen, Operation Manager, GPV in Bangkok.

Also in the shipping industry, GPV’s test facilities simulate environments that expose the products to harsh impacts.


More enduring products


The crucial advantage of product testing in GPV’s test environments is that customers feel more secure with the quality of their products. To that end it is an important aspect that the durability of the products is being secured by the testing.


– When the products are tested in the simulated hard environments it is more likely that they will last longer in real life, as we typically have to make precise adjustments in the quality. The actual improvement will of course vary from product to product. But our meticulous testing will often prolong the durability of a product from a few to several or many years, Tommy Kristiansen concludes.