Sustainable product design and reduction of e-waste through digitalisation

This week, a group of cand. it-students from Aalborg University, Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark visited GPV headquarters in Vejle, Denmark to present their ideas on how GPV can utilise digitalisation to support sustainable product design and reduce production waste.

In November 2019, GPV participated in a “Case Competition” at the University of Southern Denmark where students were challenged to develop sustainable ideas on the basis on UN Global Goal #13 – Climate action. One group won with best solution and a second group for best pitch. The prize was to present their ideas to the top management at GPV.

The winning group presented an idea on a two-way communication platform for developing prototypes and changes to existing products with the customers to avoid e-waste. The best pitch was a digital product creator to interact with new or existing customers for a quick BOM response and decrease the carbon footprint.

“For GPV, it is always important to be open to new ways of optimising processes and production. With our in-house Design & Engineering competencies, we already have a proactive approach, but we also have good experience with students and graduates challenging our mindset. The ideas presented by the students did challenge us and we will have to consider how to work with also these inputs to stay sharp and relevant to our customers,” says Bo Lybæk, CEO at GPV.

Lars Ellegaard, Director of Digitalisation, participated in the event as case proposer, mentor and judge. He was very satisfied with both the event, the students’ innovative approach and the outcome.

“The event provided me with great insights and ideas on how to solve some of the challenges we are facing at GPV,” says Lars Ellegaard and continues; “Also, it was important for me to get a good discussion with the students to promote GPV as a workplace. My department struggles to get skilled Digital competences and therefore awareness about GPV is key to attract qualified employees.”

In 2016, GPV launched a graduate programme for candidates in Electronic/Mechatronic Engineering; Control & Automation; Business Administration; Strategy; IT&Digital; Innovation; Manufacturing or with similar educational background. To a wide extent, graduate students will have a programme tailormade for them based on skills and interests. It is GPV’s ambition, that the candidates will develop both professionally and personally in an international business environment. For the same reason, the young talents will be guaranteed at least eight months spent abroad across GPV’s 12 international locations worldwide, supervision from mentors, training and an inspiring professional environment will become a natural part of the candidates’ development process.

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