Stable supply chain out of China and no affect to GPV site in southern part of Switzerland due to the Coronavirus in Italy

For GPV Electronics CN in Zhongshan and for all other GPV sites, we have the supply chain under control, however not back at full capacity. We do experience delays on some selected customised materials such as plastics where, in single cases, we are still suffering insufficient supplies leading to shorter delays.

Today, our Global Sourcing department reports of a stable supply chain for both incoming materials to our site in China and for supplies being shipped from China to GPV sites worldwide. Therefore, production at GPV sites worldwide are back to an almost normal production again. Our entire procurement organisation continues to be in daily contact with suppliers to ensure a steady and scheduled flow of supplies.

GPV site in Mendrisio, Switzerland
We continuously observe the development of the Coronavirus as the virus has now taken a firmer grip on particularly Northern parts of Italy. Currently, we do not experience any impact from the Coronavirus to our site in Mendrisio, Switzerland. We follow the situation and the development very closely and will take the necessary precautions to prevent and control the Coronavirus at our sites in Europe.

In order to accommodate possible concerns and to answer the most frequently asked questions from customers regarding the coronavirus, GPV has published a Q&A, which is available on gpv-group.com.

For more information regarding GPV deliveries, please visit our website or contact us directly.

For China; Michael Struckmeyer, Site Manager at GPV Electronics CN, +86 760 2375 2735 / Michael.Struckmeyer@gpv-group.com.

Customers in the DACH region: Thomas Kaiser, Executive Vice President, +41 79 445 25 90 / Thomas.Kaiser@gpv-group.com / Hans-Peter Hauser, Senior Vice President, Operations, +49 151 1484 2710 / Hans-Peter.Hauser@gpv-group.com

Customers in Northern Europe and the Americas: Jørgen Holm, Senior Vice President Sales NE&A, +45 2224 2076 / Joergen.Holm@gpv-group.com / Bo Lybæk, President and CEO, +45 2128 8797, Bo.Lybaek@gpv-group.com