People are the cornerstone of any business

One mutual mission

As a leading EMS player, GPV not only strives to lead the way in quality services but also as a safe and stimulating workplace for our 4,000 dedicated employees.

At our 12 production sites across three time zones, we employ people of many different cultures and countries. And while we all come from different backgrounds, one thing binds us together: a mutual mission to create value in everything we do – for both our customers and for each other.

While different cultures have different business customs and practices, we work hard to achieve the highest standards across the board.
This means fairness when it comes to working hours and remuneration, as well as a no-tolerance policy of discrimination of any kind.

We are committed to making GPV a place for our employees to grow both personally and professionally. Our lines of communication are open to make sure that important input is translated into concrete action to improve our business. And we encourage our people to take the initiative and help shape the future of GPV.

People are the cornerstone of any business and by offering the right opportunities, we help our employees to grow alongside our business

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