Onwards and upwards to new horizons

The Perfect Match

Any time a company changes ownership, it faces a crossroad. The values, opinions, and mindsets that have formed and defined it, can either change or strengthen in the new cooperation. 

I am extremely pleased to see that our on-going integration moves forward. This is emphasized by our new, long-term-orientated ownership from industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co. It enables us to make key strategic decisions and investments that stretch further into the future. It ensures that we remain the leading and most attractive partner in the competitive EMS market. 

While a unification of two large companies changes many things, the daily collaboration with our customers remains unchanged. With our combined, added capabilities in Design & Engineering, Mechanics, and Cable Assembly, GPV becomes a leading box-build partner over the entire life cycle of a device. And I take pride in the fact that the quality of our customer offering has reached even greater heights. 

The only way to predict the future is to create it. And I believe that we are building a bright one indeed. Both for our talented and dedicated employees who share this exciting journey, and not least for our customers whose businesses we look forward to supporting even further in the future. 

Thomas Kaiser


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