Online LIVE-streaming tours at factories

GPV has stepped up on the possibilities to conduct live online meetings with customers.

“It is important that the online meetings are as professional as possible. The overall objective during these unusual times is to give our customers the possibility to be closer to our business. We know and understand the importance of a close relationship and co-operation with transparency in production and processes. It is sometimes important for our customers to know exactly what we do. With the new setup, our customers can walk around live and online, check NPI processes or investigate technical issues with our experts,” says Bo Lybaek, CEO at GPV.

Specialist from IT are testing the best equipment to ensure a professional experience when showing customers around the production. And our on-site experts continue to optimise the setup and how the meetings are conducted to ensure the optimal experience for the customers.

Click on image to watch the small video of a tour at one of our production sites. Customers are live online, while GPV employees guide them round
the factory, e.g. when introducing new products or conducting audits.