MES: Digital collaboration in the wake of the corona pandemic

Digitalisation typically requires a long horizon. One that looks both forward and backwards. GPV works with specific roadmaps for digitalisation and technology to ensure to always be on track with the market and the customers’ needs.

For years, GPV has moved forward on the digitalisation agenda and under the current corona pandemic, it has undoubtedly been a natural step to continue this journey. Therefore, GPV has decided to initiate the implementing of a global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as part of our continued digitalisation journey.

According to our roll-out plan, the MES system will link to the common ERP system to make sure that all production processes are fully in line with the product specific requirements. This helps not only to increase efficiency but also quality and compliance.

The MES will involve further process digitalisation and resource management, and GPV aims to reap huge benefits from having uniform procedures across all sites:

“Our main role is supporting our customers growth ambitions and one element in this is digitalising our operations. We believe that we are already well-positioned in terms of digitisation and we focus on value-adding initiatives. Digitalisation helps us to increase efficiency but also quality and compliance,” says Bo Lybæk, CEO at GPV.

GPV has trialled a number of online meeting solutions that make it easier to interact with customers during the corona crisis. Also, New Product Implementation has been made possible at a distance by using real-time video links where customers can follow production implementation live through movable video cameras.

Digitalisation roadmaps help navigate
Looking ahead a broad spectrum of technologies will help shape GPV.

“We keep an eye on developments in robotics such as collaborative robots and already today we have a number of those in our production. In addition, we are exploring potential investments in IoT capabilities,” says Hans-Peter Hauser, Senior Vice President for Operations at GPV and continues:

“Each product manufactured has its own requirements and when you multiply that with the number of active products, it can get tricky. It amounts to a high degree of complexity and it is our job to navigate smoothly through this without our customers ever experiencing the true complexity themselves. Our technology and digitalisation roadmaps help us combat complexity by raising our quality and ensuring smooth processes – locally and worldwide."

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