GPV Electronics CN closing prolonged due to Corona virus outbreak

The Chinese Central Government and the Chinese Epidemic Command Centre have prolonged the curfew in the provinces Hubei and Guangdong. Guangdong (Pearl River delta) is the second most affected province in China and also the province where GPV’s production site is situated. The curfew is an attempt to control the development of the Corona virus outbreak. According to today’s information, the GPV production site will not be able to reopen until 1 March at the earliest. Depending on the progress, this might change.

GPV employees at the Chinese production site have started to work from home where possible. At this stage, no GPV employees have been infected by the Corona virus. 

We monitor this difficult situation caused by force majeure in relation to the supply chain, both what might affect the production in China, but also in relation to direct supplies to our valued customers and other GPV production sites world-wide.

The Chinese Central Government has demanded that companies must apply two days prior to their reopening and pass the audit by their closest local government before re-opening the production site. We have prepared all necessary papers and are ready for an audit to reopen as soon as possible.

We will update our website on a regular basis when major changes occur both in relation to production in China and the supply chain both in China and worldwide.

Regarding individual expected supplies, the dedicated program managers are responsible for keeping customers updated. However, please be aware that the situation is very volatile and can change by the hour. For the moment, GPV does not have all the relevant information but we are trying to get the overview as soon as possible. A special task force is in place and in daily coordination. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

For China; Michael Struckmeyer, Site Manager at GPV Electronics CN, +86 760 2375 2735 / Michael.Struckmeyer@gpv-group.com.

Customers in the DACH region: Thomas Kaiser, Executive Vice President, +41 79 445 25 90 / Thomas.Kaiser@gpv-group.com / Hans-Peter Hauser, Senior Vice President, Operations, +49 151 1484 2710 / Hans-Peter.Hauser@gpv.group.com

Customers in Northern Europe and the Americas: Jørgen Holm, Senior Vice President Sales NE&A, +45 2224 2076 / Joergen.Holm@gpv-group.com / Bo Lybæk, President and CEO, +45 2128 8797, Bo.Lybaek@gpv-group.com