Employees at GPV Electronics in Mexico support children with cancer

Since February 2020, GPV Electronics in Mexico has joined a campaign to collect plastic lids, to support the local, private organisation “Mi Gran Esperanza” in conducting treatments and diagnoses of children with cancer in Mexico. As well, GPV has invited all neighbouring companies in the industrial park to participate.

Mexico is the country in Latin America that consumes the most plastic, but it is also the country using and producing most recycled plastic. Therefore, plastic is a “raw material” that is very valued and needed from the industry in Mexico – i.e. representing cash money.

The “Mi Gran Esperanza” organisation’s aim with their re-cycling projects are thus at the same time to collect plastic for an environmental purpose and at the same time collect money.

GPV Electronics in Mexico will collect as many plastic lids as possible so that “Mi Gran Esperanza”, through their sustainable campaigns, can raise money for lab analysis and medication for children and young people with cancer. And not least, we can contribute to get a healthier and cleaner planet.

During this year, the goal for GPV Electronics in Mexico is to collect 100 kg of plastic lids for this campaign.

For more info, please visit: www.migranesperanza.org