GPV Sri Lanka donates an incubator to the Premature Baby Unit at Negombo Government Hospital

We were informed by Negombo Government Hospital Authorities about the lack of equipment such as incubators. It was in fact an unbearable situation to hear that some of the babies lost their lives due to this circumstance.

A recent example was that a twenty-eight weeks pregnant mother was admitted with complications. Because of the situation of the baby, the mother was to send to another hospital since the available two incubators were already occupied. But due to the mother’s severe condition, a transfer was not possible and both lives were endangered.

As per the requirements of the situation, GPV Lanka (Private), Ltd. decided to donate an incubator to the Premature Baby Unit of the Negombo Government Hospital.

Photo above Official handover to the Negombo Hospital by GPV Lanka Management

Installation completed and verified by GPV Team with consultant paediatrician