COVID19 - Additional preventive measures in Thailand

The COVID-19 situation in Southeast Asia and in Thailand is currently worsening.

GPV has, on top of existing COVID-19 measures, initiated several additional preventive measures at its two sites in Bangkok.

“It is very important for us to secure both the health and safety of our employees and the production, which is not affected. Among the current preventive measures in Thailand are extensive on-site antigen testing, cleaning teams to spray disinfectant and wipe high-risk areas regularly, screening temperature before entering the factory and continued mandatory use of face mask at all times. Furthermore, we have a running programme for vaccinating our employees as fast as vaccine availability in Thailand allows for it,” says Bo Lybaek, CEO at GPV.

It is very important for GPV to secure continued production and to keep customers well-informed about their productions. Therefore, since the outbreak in 2020 and on a biweekly basis, GPV sends an update on component market news, ability to deliver and travel restrictions and preferred meeting form to customers. A high level of transparency and a constant dialogue are decisive factors in an
unpredictable situation like COVID-19.

All GPV sites are currently operating as normal.