Covid-19: Currently all GPV sites continue to operate at full capacity

As the Covid-19 situation worldwide continues to evolve, it is important to inform all our customers that currently all GPV production sites operate at full capacity. No sites have yet been affected by the worldwide corona pandemic.

A special task force including sales and global sourcing is closely monitoring the development to secure the scheduled, steady flow of supplies so that we can maintain production at full speed. Furthermore, we work closely with our supply chain partners to obtain forecast with regards to potential disruption of deliveries of goods.

In the light of the uncertainty, we recommend that all our customers carefully consider their order situation and consider if additional orders should be placed.

We currently consider our production site in Mendrisio, Switzerland, close to the Italian border to be our most exposed site. The border between Switzerland and Italy has been closed and the two governments have issued a set of regulations for people to cross the border to go to work in either Italy or Switzerland. All paperwork is in place and the production site is currently not affected by the Covid-19 situation.

All GPV sites have implemented the necessary preventive measures to try to avoid and control the coronavirus from spreading. This includes limited physical contact, keeping a distance, high focus on hand hygiene, working from home where possible (office workers) etc.

Visits to GPV sites and offices
Due to recommendations from authorities worldwide, we have decided to implement restrictions to visits to all GPV sites and offices. Scheduled visits and meetings will be postponed until after 27 March 2020 or conducted online where possible. Customers will be contacted directly by GPV to rearrange visits and meetings.

Business critical visits (e.g. product release for deliveries etc.) can take place on individual agreement with the GPV site in question.

We continue to follow the Covid-19 situation closely and we will report to customers in case of any disruptions to their scheduled orders.

If you have questions, please contact your local contact in GPV