Climate Hackathon - embark journey with down-to-earth actions

On Friday 24 January 2020, Mads Nipper, CEO at Grundfos hosted a Climate Hackathon arranged by DI’s Climate Partnership for “Manufacturing Companies”. Fifty executives participated, including Bo Lybæk, CEO at GPV and Thomas Bæk, Director of Strategy and Business Development at GPV.

“The debate and workshop were inspirational to us all, I think. The ambition of a 70% reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2030 in Denmark might seem extremely ambitious to many, especially outside our borders. And our actions alone will for sure not save the world, but being part of this Hackathon showed me that it’s possible to embark on this journey by taking some down-to-earth actions already now”, says Bo Lybæk, CEO at GPV.

For GPV, it’s important to act based on facts and therefore we are currently establishing an understanding of own CO2 footprint. Among other things, we have initiated an internal examination to find ways to reduce our CO2 emission in our production at our 13 production sites worldwide.

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 CEO at GRUNDFOS, Mads Nipper hosted the climate
 hackathon for manufacturing companies on 24 January 2020 in
 Bjerringbro, Denmark. 

 CEO Bo Lybæk (front left) and Director for Strategy and
 Business Development Thomas Bæk (front right) participated
 from GPV.