Business improvement meetings across the “new GPV” help secure a common understanding

2019 has been a year of integration for GPV and creating a leading European EMS player has been a joint effort with numerous meetings across the organisation. Business improvement meetings was a well-established management tool at GPV, but after the merger, the meetings have been an effective way of securing a good understanding across the “new” organisation, knowledge-sharing and optimal use of resources.

At the end of 2018, GPV announced the acquisition of the Swiss company CCS, and 2019 has been a year of integration. Almost overnight, GPV grew to be one of Europe’s leading EMS-players with an annual revenue of about DKK 2.75 billion and around 4,000 employees. Focus was a prompt merger in the market, step-by-step operations and back-office integration – all done together in order to create “One GPV”.

An important initiative and step into creating a common culture and good understanding of the new organisation has been for group management to visit all production sites, including a meeting to focus on local business improvement.

GPV Electronics in Mexico hosted the final meeting this year
In November, the management team from the GPV Electronics factory in Mexico hosted the final meeting marking the end of the “tour”. The Mexico site principle and her management team gave a status on initiatives taken to optimise production. Also, new ideas to improve business were presented and discussed, and group management shared knowledge from the other visits to productions sites.

“The tour to all our production sites has been extremely rewarding. Both to meet with our local management and employees, but also for us as a new management team to experience the engagement and wish to accomplish more, together as “One GPV,” says Bo Lybæk, CEO of GPV International A/S and continues; “At GPV, we constantly work on improving our business – both in relation to the specific KPIs, our culture and sharing best practises. In order to stay sharp and ready for any challenge that might come, it is decisive that each factory is responsible for improving their own business. Of course, we have a set of standards to follow, strategic goals to reach and therefore an ongoing dialogue, but specific initiatives must be taken locally.”

Group management prioritised these visits to obtain a good understanding of the new organisation, but also to spot improvement opportunities, boost local engagement and ownership and ensure knowledge-sharing across the entire organisation and across professions. During the year, group management visited the 13 production sites several times, and one of the meetings with a special focus on local business optimisation.

“Apart from discussing specific initiatives, these meetings also give us a unique insight and understanding of each other across the various professions, be it financials, sales, quality and program management. This knowledge is included when making decisions on specific business improvement initiatives,” says Bo Lybæk.

Facts about GPV Electronics Mexico
Established in 2016, situated in the high-tech electronics area Guadalajara with well-established infrastructure and easy access to the US market.
Fully-established, one-stop-shop EMS-site with three SMT-lines, extensive NPI Capabilities and serial production & assembly.


GPV has a global presence with production in nine countries worldwide including Denmark, Austria, China, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Thailand.

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