Electrical medical scanning equipment manufactured by Danish EMS company GPV in use at a hospital in the medico sector


Where tractability and certification is key

The Medico industry is characterized by very high demands in relation to process control, and it is paramount to deliver a concentrated and professional effort in all phases of a project.

GPV offers full tractability in the manufacturing phase and in risk management in the development phase, and our operations in Europe and Thailand are certified according to ISO 13485. Our new operation in Mexico is expected to be certified in early 2017.

This uncompromising approach to regulative demands and industry best-practice standards within Medico allows our customers to concern themselves with their core business while we serve as a value-adding outsourcing EMS-partner with full commitment and project ownership.

SMD lines at GPV's EMS factory in Thailand, manufacturing electrical equipment for the medico industry
Jørgen Holm

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