A GPV technician working on EMS solutions for making electronic instruments primarily used in the industry sector

Instruments & Industry

Many well regarded enterprises of differing sizes place their trust in GPV’s industrial solutions. We are constantly in close touch with the latest technologies, thanks to our involvement in projects that reflect technological progress and an exchange with technical colleges and universities.

This enables us to provide customers with holistic support in the design and manufacture of their innovative solutions in the diversified landscape of instruments and the general industry.

A series of sector-specific standards such as "Copy Exact", "Process of Record (POR)" and the high purity initiative apply to ensure the required quality level is achieved with each individual product.

Our Product Solutions & Services Include

  • Instruments for Measurements
  • Process Control
  • Stand-alone Equipment
  • Control units for cement plants
  • Hydraulic control units
  • LAN-XI modules
Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) at GPVs facility in Slovakia
GPV production of electronics for the instruments and industry segment

Business Case

The GPV customer offers more than 100,000 different products for measurement and control applications. GPV manufactures more than 1,700 different box-build products for this customer, so that they can be close to their own market and customers.

GPV handles the whole supply chain, which provides the customer with a one-stop-shop solution while taking advantage of manufacturing in the same time zone.

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