An example of a cleantech EMS solution from GPV of a solar panel for the energy sector


Cleantech products must withstand wear, exposure and real life conditions

Cleantech is a fast-growing market segment and an important industry. Here, business interests revolve around the development of energy saving products and energy management.

At GPV, we use our extensive skill set, experience and insight to manufacture stable and robust products. These must be able to withstand wear, exposure and long life use under real life conditions in often hazardous environments. This imposes high demands for workmanship, choice of materials and components as well as life cycle analysis.

We expect the Cleantech market segment to grow over the next years – and we intend to be an integral part of this growth.

To this end, we increase our knowledge and skills through active involvement in the Cleantech industry today, and we will intensify our engagement by active cooperation with customers and by the implementation of products and solutions in the years to come.

Cleantech covers power & utility distribution and management:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy management
  • E-mobility