Four talents on the GPV graduate programme, specifically for graduated students of business and electrical engineering

The Talent Factory of the Future

With the launch of a Graduate Programme, GPV increases the commitment to young talents. An international and professional environment is necessary to attract and develop the best candidates.

In a world where technology is in constant progress, and where the needs of the customers are continuously sharpened, it is decisive that GPV is attentive and responsive. As a natural consequence of this, GPV is now launching its own Graduate Programme to secure the company’s pool of talent in the years ahead. At the same time, this initiative will provide skilled talents around the world with an opportunity of being able to improve their skills and qualifications and to create a career within the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) industry.

With the world as apprenticeship

In the GPV Graduate Programme young candidates within Business Administration, Strategy, IT, Innovation, manufacturing and Electronics Engineering or with similar educational background will be able to match their professional competencies with GPV’s internal expertise in relevant areas. During a course of two years distributed on three rotations between different departments in GPV’s organisation, the candidates are in this way sure to get a thorough practical experience.

It is GPV’s ambition that the candidates in the Graduate Programme will develop both professionally and personally in an international business environment. For the same reason, the young talents will be guaranteed at least eight months spent in either Thailand, Mexico or Denmark, Across GPV’s international locations, supervision from mentors, training and an inspiring professional environment will become a natural part of the candidates’ development process.

GPV takes responsibility for the Graduate Program

Of course GPV hopes that the young GPV Graduate talents will contribute to draw the profile of the company in future. As the largest Danish EMS provider it is in GPV’s interest that young talents will get the opportunity to be trained and educated as well as to be prepared for the increasing demands in a still more globalised market.


Join the Future!


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Follow a Graduate for a Day


Are you curious of how a normal workday for a graduate could look like at GPV?
Then follow our graduates for a day on this homemade video from GPV Asia.