GPV's business concept, that is defined as value adding for the customer, to make them accomplish more with EMS

Values, Vision & Business System

GPV Values


Our values are the foundation and the guidelines for the way that we do business.

The GPV values function as a value base for our employees as to how they should conduct day-to-day business.

At the same time our values give our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders an insight in how we do business at GPV. 

Our Values

  • We think and act as one unit - globally
  • We make decisions based on facts
  • We are honest and know what we promise
  • We look ahead, take action and challenge with solution
  • We focus on the goal and are easy to work with
Values in GPV, your global EMS partner

GPV Vision


GPV will be the most value-adding EMS-Partner worldwide.


GPV Mission


GPV enables you and your business to accomplish more through uncompromising focus on quality, on-time delivery and fast response within high-mix / low-medium volume.


Scalability in GPV as EMS


Our Business Concept is defined to make the value adding visible and transparent and at the same time define how we conduct business at GPV.

The well-defined business concept is also our foundation to continue to grow in a profitable way – to bring scalability into GPV as EMS partner.


The GPV Business Concept


• Visible Customer Value Adding in all processes
• Everybody knows: What to do, How to do it and When to do it
• Customers get a uniform service – every time
• Easy entrance for new customers and employees due to clear processes
• Easy to Measure, Control and Improve performance in each process