A OEM client meeting where Danish EMS firm GPV  provides value creation through quality, on-time delivery and fast response

Service Excellence

Our service concept

In all that we do, we focus on the value creation for our customers and this is our daily spirit in the entire GPV Organisation.

The GPV business concept ensures value creation for our customers and for GPV, as it expresses clear and transparent processes internally as well as externally.

The value creation for our customers are being focused around the following areas:



Skilled worker at a Danish EMS working hard to deliver the service excellence GPV is known for amongst OEM's


We do not compromise on quality

We always strive to timely deliver faultless, secure and functional products and services that fulfil expectations and requirements from our customers.

“The level of quality in all our commitments is our most important competitive means and the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction” says CEO Bo Lybæk.

On-time Delivery

We deliver on time

With regard to on-time delivery, quality, costs and risk there are obvious advantages in choosing a supplier with all relevant competencies in-house.

Mechatronics is the correlation between mechanics and electronics including software for the purpose of inventing user-orientated products.

Our customers appreciate the advantages that GPV can provide by having internal electronics and mechanics capabilities that enable us to provide a more cost effective and smooth order execution. This is difficult in a traditional setup where one half of the product is supplied from external suppliers.


The service excellence GPV delivers, a Denmark based EMS, comes from great logistics at these warehouses
Fast response at a Danish EMS where we work hard to deliver the service excellence GPV is known for amongst OEM's

Fast Response

We react fast to your request

If you have a need for an EMS partner to manufacture your electronic and/or mechatronic products, then a fast response to the inquiry is essential. Waiting for a quotation or order confirmation from a potential manufacturer holds up your own production or sales process.

At GPV we know that time is of the essence. This means our skilled professionals will strive to respond as fast as possible to your request, ensuring your process can continue smoothly.