Storyline of GPV, your EMS supplier through more than 50 years with electronic manufacturing and development

50 Years of Experience

GPV in short

GPV is among the ten largest European-based EMS providers, with the aim of making our customers “Accomplish More”, by delivering in-house product Design & Engineering, Electronics Manufacturing (EMS), Mechanics, Cable AssembliesBox-Build / Mechatronics, which all makes GPV the one-stop EMS partner it is today.

GPV Storyline

The Beginning

GPV has more than 50 years of experience within Electronics Manufacturing Services.

In 1961, Knud W. Hansen founded Glostrup Plade Vaerksted, later renamed to the more commonly known name of GPV. In 1986, the company GPV Industry A/S was listed on the Danish stock exchange.

During around 20 years, GPV grew from multiple acquisitions of local electronic and mechatronic related companies as well as GPV’s establishment of factories in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1999.

GPV building logo, top 10 european based EMS partner
CEO of the global EMS company GPV, Bo Lybaek, at the manufacturing site in Tarm, Denmark

The New Millennium

Through the 2000’s GPV’s growth was established from acquisitions of among others Esko-Graphics, Switzerland, and ABB facilities in Skien, Norway, until GPV Industry A/S was forced into receivership in 2008.

However, the company resurrected under the present name of GPV International A/S with current CEO Bo Lybæk at the helm. A new strategy of focusing on GPV’s core competencies of mechanics and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) was implemented, which meant multiple facilities were sold off, including the first facility in Glostrup.

From the headquarters in Tarm, Denmark, GPV continuously grew significantly and among others established two new factories in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Acquisition by Schouw & Co.

In January 2016, GPV was acquired by industry conglomerate Schouw & Co. This acquisition sparked a new chapter in the history of GPV with even more ambitious growth targets.

GPV was to go from a turnover of 850 million DKK to reach 1.5 billion DKK by 2020. After reaching 1.2 billion DKK in 2017 already, a new target was set for 2022 of reaching 2.5 billion DKK in revenue.

This growth was expected partly organically from establishing a new electronics factory in May 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico, and partly by acquiring competing EMS providers in the home region. Thus GPV acquired the Danish EMS Company BHE A/S in early 2017.

In the summer of 2018, the decision to build a new mechanics factory in Bangkok was taken. The current mechanics factory will be implemented in the current electronics factory, which collectively increases manufacturing facilities in Thailand from 20,000 m2 to 30,000 m2.

Danish EMS company GPV is part of industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co
CCS timeline before being acquired by Danish EMS company GPV

A new Chapter with CCS

In November 2018, GPV announced to acquire the Swiss EMS supplier CCS Group from 1 January 2019. This meant an increase from 1,400 employees to 3,700 collectively and from a yearly revenue of 1.2 billion DKK to estimated jointly about 2.6 billion DKK in 2019

The new GPV is headquartered in Denmark and has production facilities in nine countries, including Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland & Thailand.