Storyline of GPV, your EMS supplier through 50 years with electronic manufacturing and development

GPV Storyline

50 Years of Experience

GPV has 50 years of experience within Electronics Manufacturing Services [EMS], but a new era began in 2016 where we got a new, strong owner: the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

A stronger market position and the change of ownership has been an occasion to rethink our market approach and change our customer promise from “We deliver” to “Accomplish More”.

We still deliver timely, faultless quality product solutions in the future. However, our customers should expect even more. They should expect that a partnership with GPV allows them to accomplish and gain more – more time, more growth, more cash flow, more profit.  

We fully recognize that these words are nothing without action. And we will do our utmost to prove them in our customer relationship every day.

CEO of GPV Bo Lybæk at the EMS manufacturing plant in Denmark

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