It was not only for formal reasons that we flew the Danish and
Thai flags together with the GPV flag in front of the main
entrance of GPV’s new factory in Bangkok on 23 April 2015.

GPV’s Danish and Thai operations are inextricably linked
together as one company, as their competencies supplement
each other: GPV is one company.

The sense of cohesion between the two nations marked the Grand Opening day – right from flags to features, decorations and food, and the international touch followed all the invited guests that represented the multiplicity that characterises GPV’s network.


Transfer of production resulted in higher customer satisfaction

During the first half of 2014, GPV and important customer ABB agreed to transfer production from Norway to Denmark.

According to ABB, the transfer has now resulted in a better working relationship with GPV.

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Customised test environments provide security and durability

At GPV’s electronics factory in Bangkok, customised test environments provide very good security for GPV’s customers. Here, even the roughest user situations are being considered.

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Newly opened factory ensures future-proof EMS production

22,000 m2 state-of-the-art production facilities now provide the framework GPV’s EMS production in Bangkok for the years ahead.


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Latest News

GPV has had another good and busy year

GPV has had another good and busy year with 9% organic growth in revenue and a satisfactory EBIT together with significant investments in new capacity and technology. In the last quarter of the FY, its new facility in Thailand was taken into full operation and has given the frames for doubling the capacity. “The motivated and dedicated work of our organisation has led to the good results and we are proud to have put our new factory in Bangkok into operation”, says Bo Lybæk, CEO

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Focusing on IT security

“Yesterday we kicked off our IT security presentation and Q/A at GPV Electronics A/S. Today most IT threats are initiated from inside of the network, why end-user awareness is fundamental in order to mitigate security threats. In combination with a high physical and logical security level this awareness will prepare us for future zero-day attacks. “

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Another reelection of Bo Lybæk

At the General Assembly on June 9, 2015 in the Danish Defence & Security Industries Association, Bo Lybæk was reelected member of the Board of Directors for another two-year period.

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