During the first half of 2014, GPV agreed with one of their
large customers to transfer the production from
Norway to Denmark as the closure of GPV’s factory in
Skien, Norway was unavoidable.

Major general changes in common practice and better
cooperation via structured communication were
among the main reasons for ABB as an important
customer to become significantly more satisfied.

Cleanliness – a prerequisite for good results

Cleanliness has very high priority at GPV when it comes to electronics manufacturing. This is because even minor amounts of undesirable chemicals and dust particles may harm sensitive circuit boards and optical lenses.

Therefore, GPV works with special environments that meet the requirements for cleanliness in the electronics production.

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The red carpet is ready to be rolled out for inauguration in Bangkok

While the “paint is still drying”, GPV in Bangkok is at present in full swing transferring production equipment, fixtures and furniture, and not least work-in-progress to the entirely new electronics factory in Bangkok.

When in April 2015 the Grand Opening will take place, GPV can present a state-of-the-art factory with further improved SMD facilities, double as much capacity, and above all, new perspectives for GPV’s customers.

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GPV Electronics in Danmark now UL certified

In Aars, GPV Electronics has just received its UL 508A certificate, which means that all Industrial Control Panels live up to the safety standards of this certificate.

Here you can see why this certification is important to you as a seller of these panels in the US market.


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Season's Greetings

The year 2014 draws to a close and in GPV we can look back on a busy year. We are pleased that our customers have given us their confidence and placed a very big volume of orders with us, which resulted in high activities at our factories in both Denmark and Thailand.

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GPV invests in Danish technology boost

As of December 2014 GPV will replace one of its Danish production lines with world leading equipment from Yamaha’s YS-series. This happens because the electronics producer GPV and the Yamaha distributor CORE-EMT A/S are agreed on a unique solution that will send GPV into technological overdrive.

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GPV Electronics, Denmark is now certified and approved according to UL 508A

Congratulations to GPV Electronics, Denmark for having passed the IPI conducted at Lyngsøvej 8, DK 9600 Aars, at file E469623, and completed without any comments. GPV Electronics, Denmark is now certified and approved to deliver Industrial Control Panels marked with the UL label according to UL 508A.

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